Horse Solarium Therapy: What You Need to Know


Horses’ solarium therapy, also referred to as equine solarium therapy, is a therapy technique experiencing an increase in popularity among horse owners and trainers since it has many advantages. Solares preserves horses by situating them near infrared heat lamps while working in regulated surroundings similar to natural sunlight.

Here are several benefits of horse solarium therapy:

Muscle relaxation and recovery: Horse solarium therapies are among the leading capabilities of muscle relaxation and help with post-workout recovery. The soft heat emanating from the infrared lamps facilitates improved circulation and stimulates blood flow, thus easing muscle stiffness and soreness after strenuous training routines or exercise sessions. It may greatly help them compete in show jumping, dressage, or track racing to build up stamina during the training period.

Improved circulation: Solarium therapy intervention can benefit by providing smooth course blood flow across the entire horse’s body. The production of warmth by the light bulbs causes the blood vessels to open, which would result in better littering of oxygen and necessary nutrients to the muscles and tissues. More effective circulation contributes to the decomposition of metabolic substances, including lactic acid, which can develop during exercises and interfere with maintaining the muscles in the best possible form.

Pain relief: The infrared warmth spreading from solarium lamps is therapeutic and has a calming effect on a horse, which may reduce pain and discomfort associated with some musculoskeletal injuries and conditions. The heat effect of sunbed practice can help different pathologies like joint pain, muscle strain, or tendon inflammation because it helps reduce inflammation and assists the healing process.

Relaxation and stress relief: Horse solarium therapy, both on physical and mental levels, can be straightforward and warming and positively affect the horse. According to scientists, the heat and the reddish light from the lamps create a soothing atmosphere, which can be very useful in settling the nerves of those creatures that might be getting nervous or edgy. This supportive voice can have a very big effect on horses that usually perform under stress or horses that have been through traumatic experiences.

Accelerated wound healing: Solarium therapy also provides the means to a swifter mending and healing of wounds and injuries in horses are observed. Indeed, the local increased blood flow and oxygenation make it possible to trigger natural healing processes, thus faster closure of wounds and the reduced likelihood of infection. Solarium is used to treat wounds of varying forms, such as cuts, abrasions, and incisions, making solarium an effective adjunct to conventional treatment strategies.

Boosted immune function: Also, regular interaction of the horse with an artificial light source may fortify its immune function. The boosted circulation and improved fluid passage facilitated by the warmth would result in toxin removal and white blood cell production, which is important for eliminating pathogens and maintaining the immune system’s optimal functioning.

Final Thoughts

Summarizing horse solarium therapy, we can say that it has multifaceted advantages for equine athletes and animals. Though it supports the body’s relaxation and recovery through muscle, this therapy also improves function. In different fields of horses, these can positively impact the horses’ overall well-being and performance. Nevertheless, any solarium therapy must be done with care and with the supervision of a veterinarian and a qualified equine technician to prevent any ill effects or misuse.

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