How to Buy Safe Toys for Puppies


Puppies love to explore the world, and they do so through their mouths, chewing through anything they can find and sink their teeth into. As little curious explorers, it’s best to expose them to new sights and textures with safe toys.

With dog toys that can indulge their teething habits and instincts (like from Peggasus Pets), they are safe from breaking their teeth or ingesting toxic materials. Plus, your shoes and furniture will be spared from any harm. But with the many types of dog toys for the pups, which is best and safest?

Here are the important tips and factors to consider!

Safe Toys

Here are the different toys that are generally safe for your little one, but make sure to keep an eye on them, in case they break and ingest the material:

  • Artificial bones that are made out of hard nylon, designed for teething
  • Balls and/or chew toys made out of hard rubber. You can also get those ‘puzzle’ toys that hide treats and kibbles in the toy so your puppy is entertained and engaged for hours!
  • Knots of strong, thick rope made of safe materials
  • Artificial bones that have rawhide particles combined, or other materials that can be swallowed safely

Unsafe Toys

These toys and common household materials should be avoided at all costs. Your puppy may ingest them as they explore the toy, resulting in poisoning, indigestion, or intestinal issues.

  • Items that have small and/or sharp metal embedded in them
  • Long fibers or strips like thin ribbon and strings
  • Nylon hoses, which are dangerous when ingested
  • Cooked bones, which can break down easily, causing damage to the digestive tract
  • Plastic film sheets like from waste bags, which are a choking hazard
  • Large pieces of chewies or rawhide knots, which causes obstruction in the intestines
  • Thin and squeaky rubber toys. Puppies who love to chew can end up swallowing the entire toy or the metal squeakers in it
  • Soft toys that have foam stuffing

Size and Material

Remember, your puppy is still small, so you are better off getting a slightly large toy that they cannot swallow. However, it shouldn’t be too big to the point they can’t bite into it or handle it properly! Keep the balance of fun and safety, leaning towards the latter.

Furthermore, check the material the toys are made of. It should be safe for both dogs and children to play with, without any choking hazards. Furthermore, the material shouldn’t only be non-toxic, but long-lasting.

Puppies are pretty rough and will chew on anything, so your chosen toy should be able to withstand the constant chewing and playtime. This is to get your money’s worth and to avoid having to constantly replace new toys that easily break when you could get a strong one to last longer.

Wrapping It Up

Now that you know which toys are best suited for your puppy, keep these in mind to prevent any accidents. Your puppy will definitely enjoy the right chew toys and this will help develop their teeth and senses!

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