Safety First and No Long Term Commitment With Sliding Pet Door Installs


When most people think about pet doors they think of the traditional models with a flap. Pet doors have evolved over time, and there are a number of models and designs that can fit easily into any style of home. Sliding door pet door options offer people the option to be as traditional, modern or contemporary as they like in terms of their decor.

No Long Term Commitment Necessary

A sliding door pet door is the perfect option for people who don’t want to commit to making permanent modifications to their homes. Sliding pet doors are also great options for people who rent or lease their homes and would like a dog door, but don’t have the option of installing one inside of a door, or in a wall.

A Sliding Door Pet Door Is Easy to Install

Sliding pet doors are very popular among people who need a door that is quick and easy to install. One of the reasons patio panel sliding pet doors are so popular is because these types of doors don’t require any tools to install. It should be noted that there is another type of sliding pet door that is another alternative for people who are looking for a more permanent installation. In the glass per doors replace the complete slider portions of the door that is already there.

Safety First

Safety is always a concern when people are looking to install any type of pet door. Here at Australia Pet Doors, we install doors that keep people and their pets safe and secure, while affording them the freedom they and their pets desire. Our sliding patio dog doors are installed with either a pin lock or a track lock. People also have the option of adding a C-Clamp lock or a bar for additional security. In addition, our sliding pet doors are not removable from the outside of the home.

Weather Resistant and Energy Efficient

Our doors are installed with doors that keep the elements associated with the changing weather patterns out of homes. People who install our doors don’t have to worry about hot or cold air escaping through our pet doors. This enables the home to maintain an even temperature which helps save energy.

We Are Here to Help

Deciding on the right pet door installation can be taxing, even when you are looking at options that don’t require a long term commitment. Here at Australia Pet Doors, our friendly team of professionals are here to answer any questions you have. Give us a call today for more information.

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