What are the Advantages of Guard Dog Training?


Dogs are mostly bought or adopted by owners to act as companions, a friend of the family that is loyal and playful. Training a dog to act as security also has a number of benefits, they won’t just be your best friend, they’ll also have the training required to keep you, your family and your home safe. There are certain breeds that are more suited to guard dog training than others, so consider this when getting a hound.

Type of Dogs

As mentioned, certain types of dogs are better for security and protection. Typically, a medium to large sized dog is better for security than a small canine. Most burglars won’t be put off by a tiny terrier barking at them when they try to enter a home. The temperament of a dog is vitally important, that’s why you should carefully consider the breed if you want your dog to act as both a companion and guard. If you already have a hound and you’d like to bring them to dog training in Sydney, a professional trainer can evaluate their personality to see if they are up to the task.

Here is a list of the best dogs to train as guard dogs to protect your home:

  • German Shepard
  • Dobermann
  • Rottweiler
  • Boxer
  • Bullmastiff

All of these breeds respond well to training and they have a physical presence that acts as a deterrent to burglars and other criminals.

Safeguard Your Property

Most dogs are alert when someone visits your home that they are unfamiliar with. Although they may give you some sense of security, they won’t respond as well as a trained guard dog. A trained guard dog will immediately be suspicious of strangers until you give them a command to yield. Once they’ve been instructed to relax, they’ll go back to be a friendly, playful pet.

Guard dogs are professionally trained to react to certain situations, if their owner or members of the family are in danger, they will provide an immediate response. They are trained to react when needed and they aren’t bothered by loud noises or threatening gestures.

Most dogs are trained in 2 different primary methods:

  1. Attack Dogs – Guard dogs are trained to attack any intruder who threatens their owner or a family member. They are highly trained and only react to specific situations.
  2. Alert Dogs – This training will enable your dog to respond to an intruder by barking to raise an alarm.

Exemplary Manners

When you enrol your dog in a professional guard dog training course, they won’t only be taught to protect. The programme will consist of obedience training, so your dog will have excellent manners and control.

Guard dogs can be trained at any age, although it is better to teach them when they are young. All dogs can be taught how to act as a guard dog, but some breeds are better than others, for obvious reasons. If you are keen on training your dog, it is important to ensure it is done by a professional with plenty of experience.

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